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The amazing story of Charlotte Figi

How Charlotte Figi sparked a revolution
Now and again, something truly remarkable happens.
Something that changes the way we see the world around us.

One day a compound within the cannabis plant, long mythologised and stigmatised, was shown to have incredible therapeutic properties. Changing and improving lives for people with conditions that modern medicine can’t touch. Today, we hear many stories of the benefits of CBD.

But it all started in Colorado with Charlotte Figi, and her parents’ fight against Dravet syndrome. It’s a story that inspired us to start Get Cherry, and we want to share it with you.
“There was no seizure to chart that first half hour. Another hour ticked by with no seizure. 24 hours later, and Charlotte still didn’t seize. A second day crawled past, no seizures. Seven days. An entire week with zero seizures. Her bright blue eyes opened and we heard her little voice say, “Mommy.” Charlotte has been taking the oil daily for eight years, and no other medications. Her seizures are controlled, her life non-medical. She is a walking, talking, eating, breathing testament to the efficacy of CBD.”
Paige Figi – Charlotte’s mother
At only 3 months old, Charlotte had her first seizure. That began five agonising years of up to 50 grand mal seizures a day. Doctors prescribed Charlotte a large number of seizure medications over the years, many of which had ever been used on a baby, none of which worked, and often came with terrifying side effects. One medication lost her ability to talk; she could only scream, another medication stopped her being able to swallow. One drug even caused Charlotte to start ripping off her own fingernails.

When they finally got their diagnosis, Dravet Syndrome, the Figi’s were devastated. It is a severe kind of epilepsy with a very poor prognosis. Failed by science and physically devastated by her near-constant seizures, Charlotte was placed in a hospice programme, expected to pass away at home.

It was during this time that Charlotte’s mother, Paige, began to research marijuana to ease end-of-life pain suffering. After failing with medical marijuana, Paige dug deep into researching the cannabis compound CBD. Though research suggested CBD was an anti-convulsant in mice, it was almost impossible to buy at that time.

To achieve something that had never been achieved, Paige had to do what had never been done. She ploughed her time and money into commissioning a local marijuana farmer to breed an organic cannabis plant with high CBD and super low THC. She paid for it to be quality tested in third-party labs.

From the minute Charlotte took her first dose of that CBD oil in 2011, she did not have a single seizure for a week. Eight years later, she was walking, talking, eating and living a life free of seizures. It astounded her family and everyone who heard of the case.

The plant was named Charlotte’s Web in her honour. State laws began to change. And the rest, as they say, is history…

Tragically, Charlotte passed away in 2020 from cardiac arrest, a complication associated with Dravet’s Syndrome. But we intend for her story to live on, and hope companies like ours do her memory justice by widening access of CBD people around the world.

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