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The Cherry customer promises

We know that by choosing a Cherry product,
you’re putting your faith in us.
In return, we promise this to each and every customer:


Listen and learn

While we have every confidence in our product, we promise to never be complacent and always keep researching, innovating and improving. We also promise to listen to your feedback – as a small, independent business it means everything to us, we are perfectly structured to be able to quickly implement your feedback.

Look after the environment

We promise to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible. We only use completely recycled cardboard, and use organic ingredients wherever possible. Feel free to ask for full information on our ingredients and packaging. We’re currently working on a unique refill offering, that should be available very soon, whereby you can send your empties to us, free of charge, for cleaning and refilling. This will drastically reduce our glass waste.

Handle every order with care

We’re a small team and nothing is mass-produced. In fact, all products are produced in our hometown of Bristol, with no factories or larger partner companies involved. We aim to keep this as we grow – authenticity and honesty are crucial to our business. We promise to treat every order from source to delivery with the utmost importance, care and attention to detail. All local sales are hand-delivered; every little step to minimise our impact on the planet is important.

Test and trace

We promise to ensure that all products are tested fully and offer you complete transparency. You can find all of our lab results and data information on our ingredients here. When buying a product from Cherry, you can relax in the knowledge that it has been ethically sourced.

Value your privacy

We promise to never sell your data to any third parties or advertising companies. We are compliant with all latest GDPR laws and will never contact you without your permission. To sign up to our newsletter, please click here.

Guarantee your satisfaction

We take customer satisfaction extremely seriously. That’s why alongside rigorous testing we offer free samples to a wide range of people to gather first-hand experiences. But if you are not happy, we promise to listen to you and act accordingly to rectify any issues.

We are here to help


be good . feel good . get cherry